On December 12 2017 a new collaboration agreement was signed between ATB and Ordine degli Ingegneri del Trentino by their two representative people, Laura Bettini and Gian Maria Barbareschi.

Ms. Bettini highlighted the strategic importance of this collaboration in terms of creating new excellent opportunities in the field of development cooperation, both in Trentino and in the Balkans.

Press release from “Ordine degli Ingegneri”.

A new collaboration agreement between Engineers from Trentino and ATB for new development projects.

Sharing of competences, information and professional opportunities. The agreement between ATB and the  Order of Engineers from Trento laid the groundwork between these two contexts for a new positive collaboration, which is addressed to the urban and infrastructural development and the creation of new contacts among the implicated professionals from the different involved territories.

The relationship between Trentino and the Balkans has always been deep. During the Yugoslav conflict in the 90s, thanks to the action of ATB Onlus, Trento territory supported the local population during the war. This bond is today strengthened through a new professional partnership. This is the direction the two representative people Gian Maria Barbareschi from the Order and Laura Bettini from ATB are moving in; the goal is to have a 3-year fruitful agreement. More concretely, the agreement foresees the exchange of information regarding opportunities, calls for participants and tenders, activate projects interesting for the involved professionals; the support for the creation of non-profit area partnerships within the engineering field, the availability of engineers from local offices and logistic support; the possibility to establish trilateral agreements with other partners within the decentralised cooperation framework and the opportunity to attend training and workshops in each territory.

In addition, the actors involved in the agreement claimed to promote the definition of operative programmes in the fields of common interest, the involvement of new institutions, actors, local subjects from the different territories through specific memorandum of understanding.
The activities will be implemented through the new agreement and will be monitored by a specific Coordination Committee, which is composed by one member from the Order of Engineers, one member of ATB and one member from the Working Table supported by the Association.



An exchange of best practices between the national parks of Bjeshkët e Nemuna and Prokletije and Trentino

From the 14-20 May, in Trentino a study visit was organized to exchange the best practices of Forestry Management Techniques, not only to promote environment and biodiversity protection, but also to create relationships between people and nature in general.

The activities provided by the project “BorN – Borderless Nature”, biodiversity protection and development of the National Parks “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” and “Prokletije” (at the border between Kosovo and Montenegro), were realised thanks to visits and workshops held by the experts of Albatros srl in different National Parks of Trentino.

A delegation of 14 people from Kosovo and Montenegro, including representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency, of the National Parks “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” and “Prokletije”, of the local authorities and environmental no-profit organisations, took part at the study visit in Trentino.

During the stay in Trento, the delegation had the opportunity to meet the following institutions:

  • Forestry and Fauna Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento
  • Forestry Enterprise Trento – Sopramonte
  • Association Forestry Guard of Trento

In addition they visited several natural areas of Trentino, among which:

  • National Park of Stelvio
  • Forest District of Malè
  • Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme

BorN is an EU project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by Trentino con il Kossovo, the Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency and Plav Municipality in Montenegro, with the professional support of Associazione Trentino con i Balcani Onlus and Albatros Srl.


During the week from 3 to 10 May, a delegation of engineers from Kosovo made a study visit in Trentino – Alto Adige, thanks to the organisation and support of Associazione Trentino con I Balcani Onlus.

The visit started from a feasibility study, carried out by a group of engineers from Trentino, on a possible construction of a waste water management plant in Peje/Pec, and more generally in Val Rugova (Kosovo). The Kosovan engineers, therefore, had the opportunity to study closely the implants in Trentino in order to reuse the gained knowledge also in their country.

The Province’s Agency for Purification (ADEP), thanks to the Director of the Plant Management System Giovanni Gatti and his staff, led the delegation to visit the different regional plants: North Trento and Rovereto for waste treatment; Passo Rolle, San Martino di Castrozza and Borgo Valsugana for waste water purification.

Ting group, an integrated engineering company of Trento, with Angelo Cantatore and his colleagues, guided them in the study of waste water management plants (working and under construction) in Vicenza and Salorno.

Lastly, the group of engineers had the possibility to visit the Engineering Faculty of the University of Trento and to meet prof. Andreattola, who explained them the research activities of his team.

As a conclusion of the study visit, during the final meeting with the President of ADEP, the engineer Alessio Zanghellini, was stated by both sides the desire to continue the collaboration and to explore all those cooperation paths that could bring to a synergy between Trentino companies and Kosovan system.