who we are


Associazione Trentino con i Balcani Onlus is an Italian organization working in the Balkans since 1999 in the field of decentralized in-community cooperation. It boasts a long-lasting experience of relations and cooperation in the region, working mainly in Serbia and Kosovo, but also in Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, in collaboration with CSOs, LAs and the broader society.

ATB was born with the aim of collecting and relaunching the 20-year experience of solidarity cooperation and people’s diplomacy between Trentino and South-Eastern Europe.

Those relations started in the 1990s, during the former Yugoslavian conflicts, and continued in the effort of rebuilding the social fabric and dialogue, and promoting a sustainable local development. The economic, social and political developments of those territories have required an evolution in the methods and approaches: from supporting humanitarian actions to an articulate programme that promotes the creation and the strengthening of territorial partnerships and of local development relations, in compliance with the Italian 125/2014 Law on Development Cooperation.

ATB is part of ALDA network: it has been lead-partner of LDA Kosovo since 2011, and it has recently been appointed lead-partner also of LDA Central and Southern Serbia, thus confirming its commitment in working in the fields of youth participation and dialogue in the broader Balkan regional platform.

ATB works in the following sectors:

• Local development and promotion of a sustainable economic cooperation

• Health promotion in the fields of psychiatry in the community, healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention

• Global Citizenship Education